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    Spade looked at the sky. A thick, green canopy covered most of the pich black sky.
   Great, thought Spade, Rain. The last thing I need.
  Hundreds of ice cold rain drops fell to the earth in a large tidal wave. Soon, Spade was wadding though thick, dense mud.
Spade stopped. She looked around to find the source of the cry. Her eyes then locked on to a tall, thick tree with a knothole high in it's trunk.
    What in the...?
Spade wadded over to the tree and started to climb. She got to the knothole, and peered in.
    There in the far corner of the hole, was a tiny Viximon. She had a scarf over her mouth and was whimpering.
     "Hey kid! Your gonna wake the dead of ya keep on screamin like that!" Spade said agitatedly.
  The Viximon looked up. "Sor-s-s-sor-r-r-"
"C'mon! Spit It out!", Spade said loudly. "I don't got all day!"
     The Viximon jumped back in surprise. "Sorry..." she said quietly.
Spade shook her head. " Hasn't your parents ever told ya to not hang out in a tree in the middle of a storm like this?!"
 The Viximon lowered her head. "I-I don't h-have a-any..." she said softly.
    Spade paused. "Well, life's tough kid.", she said. I should know.
Both digimon looked down. A Raremon was ramming angrily into the tree below them.
"Gah!" Spade yelled. 
  "Quickly in here!" The Viximon said as she pulled Spade into the knothole. Both digimon crashed in with a loud THUD.
    "You can stay here until that big bad digimon goes away." The Viximon said. Spade walked over to the far corner of the hole and sat  down. 
    "You can have your side, I'll have mine." She said dully. The Viximon, ignoring this rule, hopped over to Spade.
 "My name is Vimi," she said cheerfully, "Whats yours?"
    "None of your beeswax kid." Spade said her back to Vimi.
 "Ok, I'll just have to guess it then." Vimi said. "Angie? Angle? Alizzibeth? Angora? Buttercup? Becky? Becka? B-"
    This, is going to be a long night. Spade thought.


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Ello! My name's Rocki. I'm bff's with Crest the wolf. I Love Shard the Metal Soinic! >w<
I need to post som crap on here .w.'


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I wanted to tell you something...


Don't kill me, buuuuuut....

I was in Macon last say hi to my Grandma... 030


Since Lacey is with M.S. and I didn't want Trevs to be forever alone....

I made "Kiki the Holo-Rabbit"(YAY, BUNNIES!!)……

She's also my persona character o3o So in other words, I'm apparently dating a cat...but at the same time...NOT dating him..

And now I'm just trolling you. 

Have a nice day.
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Have you played Digimon Battle Spirit? One of the bosses are Impmon...I lost to him...he's got this crazy power! IT'S LIKE HE'S USING THE FORCE ON ME!!!!!!! And he shot a fireball at poor Wormmon..
I was supposed to fight him but then Impmon interrupted the battle...:P
Vimi: He stole all of Renamon's digibytes, too!
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Me: Spade be comforting
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